L.Brador inlegzolen



Qualities and user benefits

  • Excellent quality insole, designed in collaboration with orthopaedists.
  • Constructed arch provides support and great comfort, and lessens the risk of, for example, heel spurs.
  • Its ergonomic design makes for a better working day.
  • An insole with excellent shock absorbent qualities both in the heel and the entire foot.
  • Excellent ventilation, with perforated front to keep the foot dry and cool.


Comfortable and anatomically correct insole. Included as a standard in L.Brador shoe models 760-763. Now available to buy separately to replace and regain the fresh feeling in the shoe or boot.

Qualities and user benefits

  • Anti-static microfibre distribution.
  • The different densities of EVA material, for good shock absorption for the whole foot.
  • Stable construction in the arch for good comfort and reduced risk of heel spur.
  • Perforation to keep the foot dry and cool.